Kashmir Kounsarnag Lake Trek

Kashmir Aharbal Kounsarnag Lake trek

Konsarnag  Lake Trek is a high-elevation oligotrophic lake situated in the Pir Panjal Range in the Kulgam District’s Noorabad of Kashmir.The lake is about 3 km in length and a large portion of a mile at the widest.The trek to Kausarnag is by means of the well known waterfall of Aharbal. The lake is situated in a valley that is encompassed by tops on all sides with rise in overabundance of 4000 meters .Short Treks Kashmir.

Konsar nag Trek

This short trek in south of the Kashmir Valley ascends into the pir panjal mountains , Konsarnag lake is a beautiful deep- stretch of water at 3700 meters.

Day 1:Srinagar to Aharbal and start trekking three hours up to kungwattan over night camps

Day 2 ; Kungwattan to Mahinag  Start after breakfast 5 hours reach mahinag over night camps

Day 3: Mahinag to Konsarnag  and back to kungwattan  Start early morning after breakfast three hours to Konsarnag lake and back to kungwattan 5five hours over night Kungwatan.

Day 4: Kungwattan to Aharbal start after breakfast three hours to Aharbal and drive srinagar.