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Trek Kashmir – Trekking in Kashmir ,Arranged in the northwest Indian Himalayas . Kashmir is a fantasy goal to each enterprise lover.The exceptionally zenith of the Himalayas, karakoram,Hindu kush,tien shan and Kunlun extend offers ascend to an ocean of mountain ranges in the Kashmir locale involving high snow clad mountains,valleys,alpine lakes ,woods and shimmering waterways which draws in people groups with a heart of experience and love of nature .Kashmir offers a selective chance to trekkers, wayfarers ,naturalists,photographers ,and admirers of nature to see some of superb Landscape  widely varied vegetation in the subcontinent ,Still untouched by the mass business treks being offered in different parts of world ,the Kashmir trekking spots  are so crude and reviving that it helps the movements to remember the considerable voyagers of yesteryear and takes you back in time .

Lidderwat trekking route

Kashmir Best Tracking  Routes and trekking Places

The range of mountains surrounding the Kashmir valley has given birth to numerous lakes  of varying high altitudes surrounded by an unspoiled mountains cape, with pellucid waters, these alpine lakes which fall on well- known and popular trekking routes are, Sheshnag ,tarsar, marsar ,Aru Valley and tulian lake  in the Lidder valley Pahalgam. Gangabal, Vishansar ,krishansar ,gadsar ,and satsar, in the Sind valley Sonamarg , konsernag and alpather in other side valleys. And number of unexplored valleys and routes.

Mountain Trekking in Kashmir

trekking in Kashmir is an absolute necessity do action in Kashmir.The waters of Kashmir spring abundantly generous deep within the Himalayas flowing into rivers and lakes in the valleys, life sustaining, they are nature”s gift to the peoples of this land to experience the external rhythm of the valley”s alpine lakes and mountains ,plan your trek in Kashmir. In the event that you need to trek in the late spring occasions, at that point look assist west. Zanskar and Ladakh, to a great extent Tibetan Buddhist as far as its populace yet politically part of the Indian territory of Jammu and Kashmir, are north of the Himalayan chain and appreciate much better climate in May, June, July and August. These are additionally the greatest months whatever is left of the Karakoram, including Kashmir, and the Hindu Kush for Mountain Trekking.

Hiking in Kashmir valley

The vale of Kashmir Geography

The greater part of the valley is mountain and lakes,the valley  is made of similar disposition of vale and mountains, as is observable in all these alpines regions, and consists of series of mountains ranges of Himalayas, running mostly in parallel lines from south -west to north and east, separated by glens, which are in general of no great breadth.The chief peculiarity by which Kashmir is distinguished from the mountain countries on its confines is the richness of its vegetation.

trek kashmir

Famous Lakes Of Kashmir Valley-cashmere

The traditions of the Kashmir assert,that the whole of Kashmir ,intending thereby the principle line of valley,was originally one large lake,and aspect of the province confirms the truth of the legend,the subsidence of the waters being distinctly defined by horizontally lines on the face of the mountains:it is also not all unlikely to have been the scene of some great convulsion of nature.t Kashmir has a number of lakes most of the lakes are glacial origin.some of the important lakes of Kashmir. wular lakes: the wular lake in Kashmir is the largest freshwater lake in India .it is about 16 km long,9.6 km wide with ill-defined shores. this lake lies between bandipore and sopore at a distance of 75 km. Dallake: Srinagar the city of Dallake is a beautiful lake in Srinagar city. it is 8 km long and 6.4 km is the floodlung of jehblum .the famous house boats are crown of the dallake,and the famous mughal gardens are situated on the banks of the dallake. the unique floating gardens,are found in this lake,and produces large quantity of vegetables. Anchar lake:The Anchar lake is swampy area.the sind nollah enters this lake from one side and flows out from the other  side.It is about 8 km long and 3 km wide.Ganderbal is a famous township on its north west bank .Harwan  lake:The harwan lake is situated at a distance of 21 km from is 278m long and 18 m deep .This lake is a source of water supply to Srinagar city. Manasbal lake.

High altitude routes

Trekking Places In Kashmir

The most famous trekking places in Kashmir  – Ladakh’s Markha valley –  Sonamarg Sind valley ,Pahalgam Aru Valley ,have a system of essential hotels to remain in, opening up these zones to autonomous trekkers who would prefer not to convey a tent and are on a more restricted spending plan.Stunning points of view are what prompt various to go Mountain trekking, however the Himalayas is an incredibly different region socially. For the people who need to solidify mind blowing walking around getting a learning into how people live in such a phenomenal territory, there’s as of now a broad assortment of events offering treks joined with various activities of Kashmir Tourism.

Kashmir exhibit some of the best Trekking routes in Himalayas , Kashmir lakes Trek Tarsar marsar trek, and  trekking in srinagar or water trekking from Dal-lake is hypnotic soul relaxation.

Winter Treks In Kashmir

The winter season starts from ending November up to March. Kashmir mountains gets heavy snow falls. And creates opportunities  for winter trekking. Aru valley has some of best and safest winter tracks. Aru to lidderwat or around Aru has lot valleys for snow tours and snow treks.  Naranag valley has also some of superb winter trekking routes. The day treks are useful for winter adventure in Kashmir.

Best Camping Sites in Kashmir-Pahalgam,Sonamarg,yousmarg

Kashmir offers some of the best camping sites in Himalayas, some camping sites need pony ride. and number of sites need short hike to reach the spot , Aru valley has numerous camping site with full of nature quite and beautiful. Kotpatri, Garivar , Lidderwat are few to mention. Sonamarg also offers few camping sites , Tajwais glacier ,and Sind bank is easy reachable. Pahalgam and Yousmarg has some of best camping sites. 

How To Plan Your Holiday Trekking In Kashmir and safety Issues

Srinagar the summer capital of Kashmir is well connected by road and Air from Jammu and Ladakh , The railway is available from Banihal to Baramullah , you can get share jeeps from ladakh and jammu almost round the clock. Kashmir is almost safe for tourists there have not been any incident against trekkers from last two decades, And the number of tourists increase every year where looking around the globe there is much worst safety issues , Kashmir remains number one spot among the safest places in india for tourists. The Jammu and Kashmir tourism has recreation  office available at tourists reception center Srinagar , where you get all  the type of latest information about Safety , trekking, adventure sports , trekking tours, Maps ,  trekking permits, you can also rent trekking equipment there. The Lonely planet has also Kashmir trekking information. You can also send your trekking enquiry to us, where you looking Kashmir trekking packages.

Trek Kashmir

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