Kashmir Day hiking Tours

Trekking in Srinagar Kashmir

Kashmir day hiking tours: Srinagar The city of Dal-lake. A view over Srinagar, City of Sunrise. A garden set between Pirpanjal and Karakorum mountain ranges. Has for long time been Kashmir’s most important tourism and pilgrims center. Srinagar is one of beautiful city in Indian subcontinent and called Venice of east. The zabarwan mountain ranges enhances its picturesque definition. Being center of the holiday destination from centuries for the best environment and beauty.Being well connected to other parts of Kashmir and out side world. Srinagar is starting point for hiking in Kashmir, Trekking tours, Short trekking, excursions,long trek and trekking Packages.

Note: All Tourists will be pic up from tourists reception center Srinagar and drop at their hotels or house boats after completing the tour.Cost details ,The tour includes, Hiking guide ,Lunch,and private transport ,Innova  or Tavara for couple’s.  The cost is given for couples, Group Treks get cheaper cost and depends upon the size and tour type. All the day treks above are safe for children’s , no tax , no extra charges,no entry fee. Some of the day hikes have horse back track option you can take on the extra charges.

Walking tours in Kashmir

Best time: Spring, April, May best time to see beginning of new meadows on plains and Snow capped mountains. Summer: June, July, August,September best time too see Nomadic shepherd tribes, wild flowers. Autumn: October, November, The fall season of Himalayas and colorful mountains. Winter, December, January, February, March, Best time for snow hiking.

Walking tours in Kashmir

Day Hikes in Kashmir  Major attractions: 1 .Pahalgam To Baisaran , 2 .Aru Valley to green top , 3. Sonamarg to Tajwais Glacier, 4. Yousmarg to Nilnag , 5. Naranag to Domail Marchoi , 6. Aharbal to Kungwattan .

Kashmir Day tours/Trips from Srinagar: 1.Peer ki Gali Mughal road, 2. Sinthan top , 3. Daksum , 4. Kokernag

Kashmir hiking tours

Baisaran one Day Trek

Pahalgam to Baisaran (Elevation 3000 Meters -Srinagar to Pahalgam Distance by road 100 km total trekking time 6 hours) Baisaran is a huge, green glade with little moving slopes and fabulous perspective of mountains. Tops that encompass it. The wide, mud track that paves the way to it from Pahalgam town. Is wonderfully shaded on one side by Deodhar trees. With flawless valley sees on the other.

Itinerary Pahalgam Baisaran trekking : Start from Srinagar  tourists  reception center 8 a.m. Drive by car 3 hours reach Pahalgam and start hiking up to Bhaisaran. Two hours walk  to reach Bhaisaran sightseeing  around  and back Pahalgam. Drive Srinagar reach around 8 p.m. Srinagar. Total Trek 6 Hours, cost 11000 rupees for couple.

Pahalgam aru valley day hiking tour

Green top Aru Valley Day Trek

Aru Valley to Green top(Elevation 3300 Meters – Srinagar to Aru Distance by road 110 km total trekking 5 hours)Disregarding the lofty snow-topped pinnacles of Himalayan Range. Aru Valley is an immaculate beautiful town arranged in the area of Trans-Himalaya. Clear blue shade over the head, foggy environment. whispers of the local pines and conifer woods and delightful glades make a dazzling diorama for explorers thronging the place.

Itinerary:  Start from Srinagar tourists reception center at 7.am. drive by car up to Aru valley 4 hours , start hike up to green top ,via kotpatri valley ,sightseeing around and back Aru ,drive to Srinagar 8.p.m. reach. Total trek 5 hours , Cost 11000 rupees for couple .

Hiking in Srinagar Kashmir

Sonamarg Thajiwas Glacier Day hike

Sonmarg to Thajiwas Glacier (Elevation 3000 M – Srinagar to Sonamarg Distance by road  85 km) A genuine joy for nature and trekking sweethearts. Thajiwas Glacier is one of the best resources of Jammu and Kashmir. The Glacier is situated around 7 km from the town of Sonamarg and fills in as a well known visitor goal. So as to encounter the inborn magnificence of Thajiwas in the most ideal way.

Itinerary Start from Srinagar 8 a.m. 2.30 hours drive and start hike. Sonamarg to thajiwas glacier near 7 hours up down the hike , reach sonamarg drive back Srinagar, Reach 8.p.m. Total Trek 6 hours , cost 10000 rupees for couple.

Sonamarg Tajwais glacier hiking tour

Nilnag  Day Hiking tour

Yousmarg To Nilnag hiking tour ( Elevation 2600 M – Srinagato Yousmarg Distance by road 55 km total hike 6 hours) One of the absolutely a decent contrasting option to Kashmir’s more mainstream goals. Particularly in case you’re a climber who’d preferably invest energy in the wild than in gardens.Which is similarly also for the individuals who need to inundate themselves in the amazing excellence of the Vale of Kashmir. A magnificence best experienced in the treks over the Budgam woods to dazzling knolls. Some of these are light strolls; some are all the more requesting.

Itinerary Start from Srinagar 8.a.m 2 hours drive to Yousmarg and start day hike sightseeing around Nilnag and back to Yousmarg drive back Srinagar ,reach 7 p,m. Total Trek 6 hours , cost 10000 rupees for couple.

Trekking in Pahalgam

Peer Ki Gali mughal road Day tour

(Altitude 3500 M – Distance by road 84 km)This sacred place Peer-Gali is arranged between two towns Poshana and Heer Pur along Mughal street. Associate Gali will probably be called as heart of Mughal street. The historical backdrop of this place dates … Consistently amid summer Lakhs of individuals pay their and add more life to this miles extended magnificence. The snow secured tops. Itinerary  Start from Srinagar 7.a,m. and drive famous mughal road reach peer ki gali a famous shrine in peer panjal , mughal sari , drive back reach Srinagar 8 .p.m. Cost8000 rupees for couple.

Aharbal kounsarnag one day hike

Domail Marchoi Day Hiking tour

Naranag to Domail Marchoi (Altitude 2200 Meters Srinagar to Naranag Distance by road- 47 km 5 hours hike) This is one of the lesser went by places that misleads the north Kashmir go of Srinagar. Somewhere in the range of 50 km from it. Naranag is outstanding among other spots. In reality bases for trekking and enterprise visits. It lies in the lower regions of Pir Panjal ranges, which stretches out south east to interface with other prevalent trekking focuses.

Itinerary Start from Srinagar at 8 a.m. and drive 2 hours reach Naranag  visit temple and start hike up to DomaIL on course of Naranag river trout fishing can be done ,sightseeing and drive back , reach Srinagar 8.p.m, Total trek 5 hours , Cost 10000 rupees for couple.

Day trek in Sonamarg Kashmir

Kungwattan Day Trekking

Aharbal to Kungwattan (Elevation 2250 M- Srinagar to Aharbal Distance by road 66 km total hiking 6 hours) Situated in the Alpine heaven of the Pir Panjal ranges. On the waterway Veshu which is tributary of Jehlum. Aharbal lies in Kulgam locale of Kashmir Valley. Elevation: 2266 Meters.

Itinerary  Start from srinagar 7.am. 3 hours drive reach Aharbal water fall start hike up to kungwattan sightseeing and back Aharbal. Drive to Srinagar reach 9.pm. Total Trek 6 hours , cost 11000 rupees for couple.

Aru valley short hike

Daksum Anantnag Day tour

(Altitude 2500 M – Distance by road 102 km )Daksum is a lovely outing spot, arranged at an elevation of 2,438 m above ocean level. Around 40 km south-east of Anantnag, in Jammu and Kashmir. It is a trekker’s heaven secured with coniferous timberland, sputtering streams and shrouded lush glades with the resonant sound of the spouting Bringi River. Itinerary Start from Srinagar 7.a.m. 4 hours drive reach daksum start tour in pine forests, and back to Daksum. Drive Srinagar reach 8 p;m. Total hike 3 hours , cost 11000 rupees for couple .

Kokernag day Tour

(Altitude 2000 M – Distance by road 86 km) Home to a spring with otherworldly, therapeudic powers. A visit to Kokernag is a standout amongst the most well known end of the week excursions from Srinagar. Situated at an elevation of around 2012 meters above ocean level. visit to Kokernag likewise uncovers a portion of alternate fortunes of this vital vacationer. Itinerary Start from srinagar 7 a.m. 4 hours drive reach kokernag and start tour up to kokernag spring. Sightseeing around and back to kokernag drive Srinagar reach 8.p.m. Total hike 3 hours , cost 10000 rupees for couple.

winter day hiking tours Srinagar

Sinthan top day hiking tour

(Altitude 3800 M- Distance by road 133 km) Start from Srinagar at 7.a.m. 4 hours drive reach sinthan top. And sightseeing around drive back Srinagar reach 8.pm, cost 11000 rupees for couple .

Mohand Marg day hiking tour

Anderwan to Mohan Marg ( Altitude 3400 meters Srinagar to Aanderwan distance by car 32 km 6 hours hike ) at the distance of 32 km from Srinagar, on the elevation of 3400 meters on the banks of Sind river the meadows of Mohand marg is located.  This meadow is situated a zenith Koaihama range overlook Sindh valley with a panoramic view of Pir Panjal range, Gadsar range and Mount Kalahoi, read more Historical importance about Mohand marg.

Itinerary: Start from Srinagar tourists reception center drive 2 hours and reach Anderwan and start hike up to meadows of Mohand Marg, sightseeing around, and hike back to Anderwan drive Srinagar. Cost 10000 rupees per couple.

 Tajwais glacier hiking tour

Wasturwan one day hike

Ladhu to Wasturwan Trek ( Height 3000 meters- Distance by car from Srinagar 41 Kilometers- Trekking Distance one way- 8km)Wasturwan offers variety views of Kashmir valley. The views Pir Panjal and Himadri or greater Himalayan ranges can be enjoyed from Wasturwan. The hike starts from dense forest to open meadows of Wasturwan summit.

Itinerary: Start from Srinagar tourist reception center at 8.a.m. drive by car up to 2 hours and reach Ladhu and starts hiking up to wasturwan, Sightseeing around the area and hiking back to Ladhu and drive back Srinagar. Cost 9000 rupees per couple.

Mohand marg hiking tour

Mamneth hiking in Srinagar

Dara to Mamneth ( Elevation 3500 meters Srinagar to Dara Distance 22 KM, total trekking time 7 hours ) is located among the western Himalayas. It has a huge deviation in altitude, ranging from Mamneth is located among the western Himlayas. It has a huge variation in altitude, ranging from 1700 meters to 4000 meters above sea level. The terrain has some smoothly sloping grasslands and sharp rocky projections and cliffs as the terrain is uneven. Some part of the area lies over the tree line and this region shows its own sort of normal magnificence with exposed stone mountains and crevice. You can also get a view of the Mahadev Mountain from there to 14000 ft above sea level.

The terrain has some gently sloping grasslands and sharp rocky projections and cliffs as the terrain is rough. Some part of the area lies over the tree line and this region shows its own sort of normal magnificence with exposed stone mountains and cleft. You can also get a view of the Mahadev Mountain from there.

Itinerary: Start from Srinagar Tourist reception center at 8.a.m. and drive Dara one hour after reaching Dara, and start hiking up to Mamneth top, Sightseeing around and return back Dara and drive Srinagar. Cost for couple 11000 rupees.

Sonamarg hiking tour

Trekking Gears : Good Trekking shoes , sun glass , thick jacket , water proof jacket , water bottle , Trekking pole these are essential gears for Kashmir hiking tours.