Aru Valley Pahalgam

Aru Valley Pahalgam : Region, Jammu and Kashmir, District, Anantnag, Altitude 2500 Meters (7,900 feet )Situated Southeast of Srinagar at distance of 115 km from Srinagar city and 15 km from Pahalgam in Deep Peerpanjal ranges the Aru valley is find. It is important tourist destination of Pahalgam and enhances more importance for travelers to pahalgam.   The Aru valley is surrounded by high mountains peaks and den forests. The valley is meeting point between two branches of Lidder River coming from north and west of the valley. The valley is protected by wildlife sanctuary; it is a home of distinctive wild animals, as well as brown bear, black bear, Musk deer, Leopard, Snow leopard, wolfs, along with others.

Aru to Kolahoi trekking
Satlangen Kolahoi

Inhabitants: The Aru valley has permanent village based on hundred households traditionally farmers and the valley is surrounded by number of small nomadic hamlets in the foothills of upper reaches, which are divers tribes, the famous hamlets are Baren, Geriwar,Kotpater, Arampatri, Lidderwat valley and Gashran.

Short hiking & camping places

Kotpater: A small nomadic hamlet, in the north summit of Aru valley, the valley is wide open surrounded by snow capped peaks, when the sunsets here it amazing to watch. The valley is best for sunbath; in full moon you will hear astonishing voices of wild birds during the night. It is a one hour’s hike from main Aru valley up to Kotpatri valley. The valley is quite, calm and best for camping outdoor.

Aru valley Day trekking camping
Kothpatri valley Aru

Geriwar: The Geriwar valley is suiated on the west branch of Lidder River in den forest. The sun hardly touches the soil; it is very close valley, little for camping. It takes two hours hike from main Aru valley to Gariwar valley, the valley has best trout fishing beat.

Gashran: is a small nomadic hamlet in foothills of Kolahoi massif and base camp for katernag lake trek, it takes two hours to reach Gashran, the valley is covered by thick pine forest, it is a best place for relaxing and enjoying nature.

Trekking in Aru valley
Aru valley in early spring

Arampatri valley Hike

Arampatri valley: The Arampatri is Great valley on the west course of Aru valley, the west Lidder River branch comes from through this valley, and the Arampatri has large lush green meadows, the famous Harnag Lake is next to Arampatri. It is four to five hours trek from main Aru valley.

Lidderwat Valley

Lidderwat valley: The lidderwat valley is ten kilometers from main aru valley , the route goes on course of main Lidder river, The lidderwat is extension between Tarsar and kolahoi glacier , it is main valley in this region and meeting point of various nomadic peoples for gathering here. The valley is famous for its natural beauty and best climate.

Hiking tours in Aru valley

Trout Angling: The Aru valley is also famous for trout angling; there is some best fishing beats available the fishing permit can be obtain from Srinagar or pahalgam.

Camping and Bonfire: Aru valley is situated in den forests it offers some of the best camping sites and evening bonfire.

Best Season for Trekking

Seasons: Aru valley is famous for its four season environment among the tourists, Spring April, may; it is best time to see new wild flowers snowcapped mountains, gush streams. Summer : June , July august , it is best time for long treks in region , Autumn September ,October , November, it best time for to see some of superb fall season of Kashmir Himalayas. Winter December, January, February. Snow adventure, trekking, skiing.  

High altitude Alpine lakes in Aru valley Kashmir: 1. Katernag 2. Tarsar 3. Marsar 4. Deodsar 5. Basmai 6. Surmasar7. Hapatsar 8. Harnag 9. Yamsar 10. Khemsar 12. Sonasar 13. Munwarsar 14.chansar 15. Katernag A.

winter in Aru valley
Winter trek Lidderwat

Trekking Aru Valley Pahalgam

Trekking in Aru valley Pahalgam: Aru is the base camp for number of trekking routes which start from here, it is a best places for all type of day treks, short treks and long trekking. The famous treks which starts from here are Aru valley to Lidderwat Trek , Tarsar marsar trek – Kolahoi glacier trek, Harnag lake trek, along with number of short and day trekking tours. The aru valley is famous for its alpine adventure activities too; some adventure sports which can be endeavor here are paragliding, horse riding, trout angling, and mountaineering.

Autumn in Aru valley
Ascending Tarsar in Autumn

Winter in Aru valley Pahalgam

Winter in Aru valley: the winter spill starts from mid November the Aru valley gets heavy snow fall between December to mid march, The snow skiing is common sports in winter, haliskiing is also taking part in winter months ,The GYM exercises number of skiing and other winter sports courses in Aru valley.

Accommodation and network: The Aru valley has number budget guest houses, home stays, and restaurants available, the jktdc have a hut also in Aru valley. Post paid BSNL is only available network in Aru.

How to reach Aru Valley: The Aru valley is connected by single road from Pahalgam, after reaching Pahalgam it is 15 km distance up to Aru valley. There are different options available from Srinagar up to Pahalgam, you can take share jeep up to Pahalgam or public bus, and take other share jeep from Pahalgam to aru valley.

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