Skiing in Gulmarg Kashmir

Skiing in Gulmarg Kashmir: The Snow covered mountains of Kashmir with their unexplored valleys in a aroma environment. Presents ideal situation for adventure. Snow Skiing is a sport receiving enormous admiration across the vale of Kashmir. Skiing in Kashmir has expended because of the mighty Himalayan ranges crosses the Kashmir valley. Which provide natural environment for Skiing in Kashmir. Skiing in Gulmarg Kashmir Has long History read more. Was first established as a ski resort by the British. Who had set up the ski club of India here in 1927.

Skiing in Kashmir
Lidderwat Valley Snow Camping

Skiing in Gulmarg Himalayan Ranges

Skiing in Gulmarg: Gulmarg is the most admired skiing destination in India, snuggled at an elevation of 2650 meters. Gulmarg is known as a top most Skiing destination of Kashmir. And presents some of the best skiing conditions available in the world. The best time for Skiing in Gulmarg starts from mid December to mid April. These months are ideal for skiing and winter sports.

Snow Skiing in Kashmir
Snow camping in Lidderwat

Gulmarg Ski Resort

Gulmarg ski resort: (Kongdoori-Apharwat) is the most elevated ski resort globally. With 3,980 meters , it has the highest skiing slope and the highest ski Gondola/ cable car worldwide. The provision of the Gondola Cable car elevate from Gulmarg to Apharwat to 3800 meters. Is the principal reason for its fame. The Gondola cable car has made it favorable to outreach the mountain summit. And besides that it presents a scenic view of the landscape of Himalayan ranges. Further more. This resort is one of the most low -cost skiing resort in the world. So get in action for skiing in Gulmarg.

 Mount Apharwat
Apharwat Morning

Kashmir Alpine Skiing Package

Kashmir Alpine skiing packages is to explore maximum Kashmir skiing in virgin areas,the Packages 9 nights 10 days. The Package includes hotel, house boat, transportation, skiing guide, helpers, etc.

Airport to Gulmarg

Day 1. (Srinagar Airport to Gulmarg Distance 57 km). Pick up from Srinagar airport Drive to Gulmarg via Tangmarg after checking in hotel. Some sightseeing around Gulmarg. over night hotel.

 Skiing in Gulmarg

Day 2 : (Gulmarg Elevation 2650 meters). Start from hotel after breakfast and riding the Gondola up to Kongdoori Mountain.  And start skiing down up-to Gulmarg. You can repeat it according to your stamina over night hotel.

Gulmarg Apharwat camping
Camping Apharwat Gulmarg

Skiing from Mount Apharwat Gulmarg

Day 3: (Apharwat mount Height 3800 meters). After breakfast start from hotel up to Gondola ride up to Kongdoori valley ,Apharwat mount and skiing down to Gulmarg.

Apharwat Camping

Day 4 : (Apharwat Snow Camping 3800 meters ). This is thrilling adventure to camp 3800 meters on snow with temperature minus 10 to 15. Start from hotel afternoon to catch the Gondola up to Apharwat mount and camping over night.

Sunrise Peak Gulmarg

Day 5 :Sun rise Peak:. After spending night in camps at Apharwat valley, start early morning to sunrise peak. And skiing down to Drung ferozepur Nallay and return by Car to Gulmarg, over night in Gulmarg.

Kongdoori valley
Kongdoori valley Apharwat

Skiing in Pahalgam

Day 6 : (Gulmarg to Pahalgam Distance 139 KM). After breakfast start from Gulmarg to Pahalgam and check in hotel, evening sightseeing around beautiful Pahalgam town.

Day 7: (Pahalgam height 2740 meters) After breakfast the trail starts up to Baisaran and skiing down the valley.

Aru Valley Pahalgam

Day 7 :(Pahalgam to Aru valley Distance 11 KM). Start after breakfast from Gulmarg  drive  to Aru valley and sightseeing around this beautiful snow valley.Over night in guest house.

Skiing in Aru Valley

Day 8 : (Aru valley Height 2450 meters) Start after breakfast trek up to Kotpathar valley. Upper ridges of Aru valley and skiing down to Aru valley.

Skiing in Aru valley
Upper side of Aru valley

Skiing Mountaineering in Aru Valley

Day 9: After breakfast you will take left ridge of Aru valley in pine tress. After reaching the top Skiing down the valley.
Day 10: Aru to Srinagar
Drive back to srinagar house boat over night
Day 11: House boat to airport
Start from Srinagar and visit some historical sites in old city and drop back to airport.

skiing in Aru Valley Pahalgam

Gulmarg ski packages

Gulmarg Ski Packages; The package is best for families, intermediate skiers the Package is 6 nights 7 Days. The package includes skiing guide, hotel, house boat, transportation.

Gulmarg Skiing

Day 1: Srinagar Airport to Gulmarg:  pick up from airport drive via Tangmarg and check in hotel. Sightseeing near by places.

Kongdoori valley Skiing

Day 2 : Gulmarg to Kongdoori valley : After breakfast from hotel, you start your skiing journey towards gondola . And reach the Kongdoori and Skiing down to Gulmarg over night Hotel.

Kashmir alpine skiing

Apharwat Gulmarg

Day 3 and 4 : Gulmarg to Apharwat : After refresh from hotel you will ride gondola to Kongdoori. And take second phase upto Apharwat valley and skiing down to deep villages in Gulmarg.

Winter trekking Kashmir
Lidder river Lidderwat Valley

Day 5: Gulmarg To Srinagar : After Breakfast the car will drive you Dallake after check inn house boat. You will take shikara trip around Dallake. 
Day 6: After spending night at house boat. The car will drive you through old city and drop you at Srinagar Airport.


1.Can I will be able to rent Ski equipment’s in Gulmarg?

Ans:Skiing Equipment such as skis, Boots, Sticks,Gloves and Goggles are available. On hire from Government run Ski shops, and many private ski hire shops too.

2. What about the gondola service in Gulmarg and Tickets?

Ans:You will get tickets from tourist reception center Srinagar and Gulmarg. The gondolas are efficiently maintained and run from 10 am to 4 pm in winter. And can be shut in the course of snowstorms.

3. Are there avalanche rescue team available?

Ans: Round the clock rescue is available in the inbound ski boundary area.

4 : What clothing to wear?

Ans: Clothing is very important when it comes for winter sports or outdoor. Waterproof ski jackets with taped seams. Venting Zippers, Ski Goggles to protect your eyes and a helmet for safety and sun cream. These items can not be rented from Gulmarg.

5. What is Best time for Skiing in Gulmarg?

Ans: The Period between mid- December and mid- April, When the mountains are covered under blanket of Snow.

6. Where to Stay in Gulmarg?

Ans: For Skiers and tourists visiting Gulmarg in winter. Accommodation is available from 4 start to normal guest house. JKTDC huts offer a unique look. Along with other center heated hotels.

6. How to Reach Gulmarg?

Ans: By Air. The closest airport to Gulmarg is Srinagar Airport. Srinagar Airport receives flights from Delhi every day. From airport you will get prepaid car services from airport to Gulmarg. During heavy snow and minus temperature it becomes import to note. That From Tangmarg before 12 km to Gulmarg you have to change your car, and hire chain fitted vehicle up to Gulmarg.

International Skiing festival Kashmir
Group Ready for expedition to Kolahoi

Kashmir Bavarian Ski-Mountaineering Expedition Kolahoi Peak 2011

Ski Expedition to Kolahoi Peak : in March 2011, a group from Bavaria in Germany headed by Mr. Oliver. Came to Kashmir to take advantage of virgin snow in Gulmarg, Lidderwatt, and the Kolahoi Glacier. Day 1 took us to Gulmarg, and after fantastic skiing there. The party ventured on a skiing/mountaineering expedition to Sunrise Peak. After one week skiing in Gulmarg, we returned to Srinagar to an enthusiastic reception by the press. As the first ski mountaineering expedition in twenty years, we attracted a lot of attention. This was, of course, flattering. But it meant we set off for the Aru Valley and Lidderwatt much later than expected Review by oliver.

Kolahoi Skiing Mountaineering Expedition 2011

Expedition To Kolahoi Peak

The delay was compounded when we found the road to Aru blocked by an avalanche. But everyone pitched in with ice picks, shovels and whatever came to hand, and before long we continued. Needless to say, we reached the Aru Valley at a time that made our 5am start for the Lidderwatt Valley. The following morning seem even earlier. Even so, we set off almost as planned. While a team of twenty porters carried the gear. The expedition began skiing in eleven feet of snow, and by 3pm we had reached Lidderwatt where we stayed overnight.

Pahalgam to Aru valley
Pahalgam to Aru road closed by Avalanche 2011

Next morning we started out for Satlanjan where we encountered heavy snows and a number of fresh avalanches. The group went on to the Kolahoi Glacier with a local guide for a two days. For ski expedition to Kolahoi Peak. and climbed the Kolahoi summit peak up to 5300 meters.

Kolahoi Peak Expedition
The group goes to wards Kolahoi Glacier from Satlangen

On 20th December we had taken a pair of girls from Lithuania. To Lidderwat. where the temperature in the Aru Valley had dropped to minus 12 during the day. Even so, we went on a great day trip in deep, virgin snow. The previous spring an Indian group had come and enjoyed it immensely. With the tremendous success of the the Kashmir Ski Mountaineering Expedition of March 2011. we can honestly. Say that Kashmir is a great place to adventure out into the snow.

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