Pahalgam Sorus & Tulian Lakes Trek – Day Hiking Pahalgam

Kashmir Tulian lake Trek- Best Alpine Trek in Pahalgam

Pahalgam-Kashmir Sorus and Tulian alpine Lakes  Trek, Pahalgam being one of the significant voyagers resort of the Kashmir valley offers a large number of encounters for the sightseers. The place being honored and encompassed with nature, overflows with green timberland ,knolls, mountains pinnacles and waterways ,However ,This place likewise flourishes with huge number of Alpine lakes roosted high up in the mountains .These alpine lakes are secretive and serene that a couple of dare to look for its loveliness,These lakes are snow and ice bounce through the greater part of the year and the trail towards it passes trough a standout among the most delightful mountains scenes in the Himalayas. recorded beneath are two treks one to the Sorus lake and the other Tulian lake both open from Pahalgam and each should be possible in a day or two days on the off chance that one camps in the wild above, Both these treks give an ordeal of a lifetime,especially to trekkers who are short in time yet need to get this otherworldly experience of the high Altitude Lakes OF Kashmir, for trekking packages and Solo trek Information.

sorus lake trek

Sorus Lake trek- One Day Trek In Pahalgam

Sorus Lake Trek The trek begins from Ganeshbal (2100 m) around 2 km downstream from pahalgam bazar which enters towards the mountains.the trail at that point crosses the town towards the mountains, to enter the harsh street up to the coniferous timberlands over the town along the stream .keep climbing the woodland trail untill the green clearing and shepherd settlement of dayan is come to. Here is a choice to proceed with straight up this valley and go over meadow to achieve the lake or utilize the correct side clearing prompting zambpathari backwoods and up to the Sorus lake (3655m). The Scenery close to the lake is secretive and noiseless. The lake is Completely encompassed by the mountains and relying on the season one experience snow.Therefore ,if the expectation is to remain over night ,appropriate gear ought to be brought along as climate in these parts stays extremely flighty and ends up icy at night.the return is through a similar course.

Tulian Lake Trek

Tulian Lake Trek- Over night Trek In Pahalgam

Tulian Lake Trek The Trek begins from appropriate Pahalgam and takes the Baisaran trail up to the mountains,Depending upon the circumstance one would pony be able to ride tough to baisaran which is a colossal glade in center of a coniferous woods encompassed by mountain peaks.The trail at that point takes after toward the southern side of the knolls into the timber lands which prompts a ravine .Follow the gorge up to an open clearing prompting the outdoors grounds .if an over night stay is arranged this is the place to do so.The lake is further 2.5 km up from this place and the height differential is right around 500 meters, so this makes for a genuinely soak move at places. This Tullian lake (3700 m) is littler yet longer than sourse lake and is secured with snow the greater part of the year.However ,the feel is an out of the world encounters the arrival travel is a similar way. else to investigate the region assist one attempt the course through brara angan for a change.Best Time for trekking : June to mid November How to reach : Pahalgam valley is well connected by road Linked destinations : Anantnag ,Srinagar ,Jammu , Aru valley .

Sheshnag Lake Trek

The sheshnag lake is alpine high altitude oligotrophic, the trek starts from chandanwari pahalgam the trek is over night trek , the distance between chandanwari sheshnag is 12 km , contact us for booking or information Wattsape +919419592631.