Incredible Tarsar Marsar Trek

Tarsar Marsar Trek:.Region:North India Jammu and Kashmir District Anantnag,Himalayan Range,Duration: 7 days, Trekking Altitude 4000 meters, Grade cross country High Altitude Moderate, trekking Distance: Aru valley to Sonmos, Sumbal Sonamarg 60 km,Temperature 15 (°C) to 25 (°C) in summers,  Best time for trek June to October.Starting point Aru Valley Trek Ends Sonmos,Sumbal Sonamrg.  video. Map  Review Best treks Linked destination :Srinagar, Pahalgam, sumbal sonamarg. contact us for inquires.

Note: Most of the trekking Groups Start Aru valley and come back same route from Marsar lake. Our company crosses the trek via Sonmas top to Sonmas valley over Sumbal Sonamarg.

Kashmir Tarsar Marsar Lakes Trek
Ascending Kolahoi Ranges

Tarsar Marsar Trek Kashmir

Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek Overview: The Tarsar Marsar Trek begins in the far northwest of the Kashmir Valley and the area is dominated by Mount Kolahoi, which at 5600 meters is the highest mountain in the Kashmir Valley. This majestic trek is rare in its kind. Times have literally stood still for centuries in this part of the Himalayas, where the inhabitants of different origins have maintained their customary lifestyle for centuries, traversing the pine-clad mountains of the Great Himalayan Range. Wildflowers, gigantic alpine trees, the roaring waters of the Lidder River and countless wild animals enliven the hikers on their way.

Marsar Lake
Marsar Lake

Tarsar Marsar Lakes

The Tarsar-Marsar lakes host various species of migratory birds such as brent geese, Himalayan golden eagles, lammergeiers, soaring jackdaws, cinnamon sparrows and black bulbuls. The trek passes Dachigam National Park, home to one of the rarest species of Kashmiri hangul, ibex, musk deer, Himalayan brown bear and golden marmot. Kashmir is a valley of mountains and lakes where a number of trekking tours are available. Read more about trekking routes in Kashmir and the seven great lakes. Take a look at these best pictures and videos of Tarsar Marsar Trek

Tarsar Marsar Trek
Lidderwat in Spring

Tarsar Lake

Tarsar Lake overview: Between the valleys of Aru and Sind, administered by the Kolahoi Mountains, at an altitude of 4000 meters, lies the eye-shaped Lake Tarsar. The alpine lake is fed by a stream that flows into the Lidder River and joins the Kolahoi stream in the Lidderwat Valley. The shore of the lake is surrounded by herbs and alpine flowers. The water source of the lake are glaciers and natural springs. In winter, the lake is protected by a thick blanket of snow and serves as a prime destination for heliskiing and ski mountaineering. The traditional route goes from Aru Valley through Lidderwat Valley, Sikwais and Tarsar Meadows. The second route starts from Aru Valley and goes left through the dense pine forest via Nandkhole, a short and difficult route.

Lidderwat Valley
Camping & bonefire in Lidder Valley

Marsar Lake

Marsar Lake: Situated in the vicinity of Mahadev Mountain ranges on the elevation of 3800 meters the Marsar Lake is sited in deep gorge. The water of lake looks black in color and the weather around lake is scary it rains, hails, and mists. On the right side of the lake there is long wild life park Also Known As Hangul Park. Marsar outlets Daghwan stream, The Daghwan stream is source of Sarband water body and gives drinking water supply to Srinagar city. It is interesting that Marsar outlet stream has large number of trout’s and hardly anybody fish there.

Sikwais Tarsar trek
Humwais ascending Sikwais

Marsar lake is well known as an Eminent mysterious Lake in Kashmir History it is trusted that the lake is spooky, from ancient times there have been many stories in air about these twin sister lakes. One story is that the lake has Runduk wild creature and was getting any one who goes close to the lake. Besides traditional route Marsar Lake have couple of more routes to ascend, one famous trekking route is via Dachigam wild life national park which is assembles from Srinagar, and other route is tral Soutur.

Pahalgam tarsar marsar Trek
Trekking in Lidder Ranges

Sundersar Lake

Sundersar Lake: Situated on the Summit of Marsar Lake the sundersar or sonasar is sited on the elevation of 4100 meters. The sundersar outlet stream joins the lidder river. The basin of the lake is surrounded by different species of alpine flowers and wild life, golden Marmot can commonly see here. Sundersar Lake has a best camp site and home of various Shepherds who crunches their herds during summer Tarsar Marsar lake trek vs Great lakes trek blog.

Lidderwat to Tarsar
Lidderwat to Tarsar Route

Detailed Itinerary for Tarsar Marsar Lake Trekking

The Trekking is for 6 nights 7 Days from Aru valley to sumbal Sonamarg if a day is added then there are two more alpine lakes Yamsar and Khemsar to explore for private or solo tarsar marsar trek read more.

Aru Valley Pahalgam Altitude 2400 Meters

Day: 1 Srinagar to Aru Valley 115 km Drive from Srinagar up to Aru valley via Pahalgam 3 to 4 hours drive over night in camps. Evening hike up to Kothepathre, this hike is wonderful to make up your rhythm.

Lidderwat Valley Altitude 3000 Meters

Day 2: Aru valley to Lidderwat( 5 to 6 hours walking): The trail follows the lidder river to the open meadows of Lidderwat valley. The valley is primary base campground for various treks in this region. This valley is outwardly staggering, it is loaded with pine forests; mountain crests streams and glades of blooming plants and excellent campsite over night camps.

Hamwais Sakwais Altitude 3400 meters

Day 3:Lidderwat to Seikwais ( 4 to 5 hours Trekking ): From lidderwat the lofty curve takes to hamwais over the stream after soak strolling the trail ranges to seikwas at the stature of 3400 meters, sekwais is high Altitude knoll and create huge number of wildflowers along with admirable campsite on shore of Tarsar stream. From seikiwas there are twin lakes for a day trip Yamsar and Khemsar lakes.

tarsar lake
Tarsar lake in late Autumn

Tarsar lake height 3900 meters

Day 4 :Seikwais to Tarsar lake ( 3 to 4 hours trek) :The steep ascent to tarsar lake is very beautiful with variety of wild flowers. Tarsar Lake is high Altitude snow capped lake; Tarsar Lake is famous and Greatest Lake in Lidder Valley Pahalgam. Other than number of little elevated lakes. Outstanding outdoors up and down the lake side.

Marsar and Sundersar Lakes Altitude 4000 meters

Day 5 :Tarsar to Sundersar Marsar lake ( 4 to 5 hours trek):A steep ascend over Tarsar ridge to zazmarg through wonderful open valleys and scopes sundersar lake. Some little springs can been seen en route to Sundersar. From Sundersar Campsite a short trip to Marsar lake over night sundersar.

Sunder Lakes to Sonmos valley

Day 6 :Sonasar to Sonmass valley: The Track starts easy walking from sonasar to Sunimous Summit. The route descends on narrow path up to sonmass valley, overnight camping.

Sonmos Valley

Day 7: Sonmass to Sumbal road :The walk descends on a smooth route in dense forest like Amazon up to Sumbal road, after reaching on the road the vehicle will drive to Srinagar.

Sundersar Lake
Sundersar Lake

 Best Time Tarsar Marsar trek

Best time: Month of June, The Trek usually start from mid June, the pockets of trails is under snow. Snow enthusiast will enjoy this part of the year. Month of July August; It is middle period of trekking, Clean passes blooming wild life. Month of September October: From the mid September the autumn begins and Mountains, trees, plants change in multi color it best time for photography.

Temperature: July, August 20 (°C) to 25 (°C) September, October 10 (°C) to 25 (°C) Weather: June, July, August, Have rain spills, September, October remain mostly dry.

Sonmas valley
Tarsar campsite in minus temperature

Book Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek 2024-Cost 14500/ rupees

Trek Kashmir Mountain Travel is organizing Tarsar Marsar group and Customize Solo Trekking as well. We have been doing trekking from almost a century in this area. The lidderwat tarsar marsar trek is one of earliest treks in Kashmir. We take Small batch and give quality services.Package Details:  14500/ Charges, As a Group Rates no due no additional charges, the rates include six Nights seven days trekking, from Aru valley to sumbal Sonamarg. Mountain Guide,  Cook,   Cooking Helpers,   Back up Horse for any emergency ,Camps,   Sleeping Bags,  Sleeping Mats, Blankets ,  Toilet tent,   Breakfast,    Dry lunch,   Dinner ,  Tea,   Coffee , Chicken  Vegetarian and non vegetarian meals.    Baggage Horses.  Additional services 1500 rupees for 10 kg offloading of your personal    baggage. Transport 2000 rupees, Srinagar to Aru valley and back Sumbal to Srinagar . Grand total 18000 Rupees per person with transport, contact us for queries.

Fixed Departure Group Trekking 2024

June -July Groups 2024 (4 June to 10 June)-(11 June to 17 June)-(18 June to 2 4June)-

July Groups 2024 (1 July to 7 July)-(8 July to 14 July) (15 July to 21 July)  (22 July to 28 July)- ( 29 July to 4 August ).

August Groups 2024 (5 August  to 11 august)  (12 august to 18 august)  (19  august to 25 august)  (26 august to 1 September )

September Groups 2024 (2 September to 8 September) ( 9 September to 15 September )(16 September to 22 September) (23 September to 29 September) ( 30 September to 6 October )-

October Groups 2024 (7 October  to 13 October )

tarsar alpine lake
wild flowers in Tarsar lake


1:What Gears I should pack?

Trekking Gears: 1. Day pack 20 liters. 2. Good trekking shoes no sports shoes 3. water bottle 4. Sun glass for snow and glaciers 5. rain cote unpredictable rains some time. 6. Sweaters 7. Full jacket with cap 8. Inner trouser 9. Tracking pants 10. Trekking poles 11. torch 12. slippers 13. thick sock two pairs 14. Cold creams and lips cream 15. Lunch box and spoon or hot bowl 16. Keep your passport or ID card with you during trekking 17. Mixed Dry Fruits 18. Hat or turban 19. Sun cream 20. Extra Camera batteries or power bank, According jk tourism guide lines a medical certificate is must to get trekking permit. Medical certificate format read more.

Tarsar Marsar Trekking Map
Tarsar marsar trekking map

2: How Diffcult is Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek?

The trek is easy moderate; The trek has only one pass compare to Kashmir great lakes have three passes. I would suggest any one with basic fitness

3: How do we get Drinking water?

Kashmir is land of fresh water body; we get fresh water from glacier streams and Natural springs.

4: How safe is Tarsar Marsar lake trek can we do solo?

The trek is very much safe, the hikers come frequently from aru valley for day treks and long tours, doing solo is possible, you have to be careful with wild life. Because some portion of route passes through den forest.

5. Is tarsar marsar trek best to Start Aru and end Aru or Star from Aru and end Sumbal Sonamarg?

Answer: The natural route of Tarsar Marsar trek is, Start from Aru and end Sumbal, Because you will see some of beautiful valleys like Sunimous valley and thick forest like Amazon.

Stages: Srinagar to aru valley 115 km drive ,aru valley to lidderwat valley 11 km trek, Lidderwat valley to sikiwais 9 km trek,sikiwais to tarsar lake 7 km trek ,Tarsar lake to sundersar lake 7 km trek ,sundersar to sunimous valley 8 km trek,sunimous to sumbal 13km trek ,and complete Kashmir tarsar marsar lake trek.


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  1. We (myself, my wife and son) have successfully completed the Tarsar-Marsar trek in 22nd-28th Sept, 2017 under the able guidance of Mr Riyaz Pakhtoon. Tarsar-Marsar is cross-country trek starting at Aru of Lidder valley and ending at Sumbal of Sind valley. It was a fascinating trek with so many varieties in landscape – one can experience lush green alpine meadows of Aru-Lidderwat-Sekiwas, serene high altitude lakes – Tarsar Marsar and Sundarsar, walking along the river bed, little bit boulder hopping, a high altitude pass (Tarsar pass 4200m) crossing and descent through the very nice valley of Sonamous and
    on a clear day even can have a view of snow peaks of great Himalayan range. Trail was moderate with 2-3 tricky stretches and could be covered without much difficulty even by my 9yr old son.
    The arrangement done by Riyaz was excellent – transfer from Srinagar to trek start and end points was managed exceptionally on time, the trekking gears sleeping bags, tents, mats were neat and clean and of good quality. Foods were also delicious and a special thanks to Tariq (Riyaz’s brother) for providing a scope to taste few Kashmiri cuisines even on a trek. Riyaz and his team (Horsemen – Muin baba and Yousuf) were extremely caring for the comfort of the trekkers. He even brought one hot bag to provide warmth to my son during chilling nights at the high camp sites. I must mention that Riyaz has a very good vision to spot wildlife – be it a Marmot or Himalayan black bear or different species of birds. Overall we enjoyed the trek a lot and still cherish its memories. I would highly recommend Mr. Riyaz Pakhtoon as one of the best guide and trek organizer of the Kashmir valley for beginners or families as well as for experienced groups.

  2. Anbarasan Anbalagan

    Tarsar/Marsar lake was breath taking the experience with Riyaz and his crew. I would love travel back in coming years with his trekking company. We had a great time as a small group, and at one stage we have to face brown bear on our track that was a thrilling experience indeed for everyone. Riyaz brother kept us warm with his cooking skills, and I felt nostalgic after the trip for a while especially with his tea. Horseman “my baba” and “Yousuf” were very caring through the trip and kept us on time through the trip if it is breakfast or departure to our next camp. The coolest thing they provide nice trekking gears, so it makes the life easier for many trekkers. Unfortunately, I took mine with me. With the chirping sounds of marmots and birds, the scenic location in day time will mesmerise you with dreamy milky way during the night hours. I would really recommend their travels regardless of any age groups and country. Please do give a try.

  3. Did this in early October, probably one of the last batches(the dates were not even mentioned on the website). Amazing service and awesome people. Riyaz and his brothers were very helpful; right from answering all the queries to organizing this. We were a small group of five and still the prices were the same. Even though it was almost off season, he had organized everything well.

    This place has 10-12 lakes nearby. When time permits I will will be coming for longer ones. They have brilliant knowledge of the terrain and you definitely feel safe.

    Looking forward to doing more with you guys. Highly recommended. Thanks for making the trip memorable.



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