Kashmir Naranag Gangabal Lakes Trekking

Naranag to Gangabal Trek over view: Region Jammu and Kashmir, District Ganderbal, Great Himalayan ranges. Elevation 4000 meters maximum.  Gangabal Lake Trek also known as Harmukh valley trek is a last portion of Seven Great alpine lakes of Sonamarg to Naranag trek. The Trek begins from a remote valley of Naranag separate from Srinagar to naranag is 77 km. Naranag is base camp for Harmukh peak trekking (5100 meters). Gangabal Lake is prime lake in Kashmir locale and extremely acclaimed alpine lake. These are twin lakes  Gangabal and Nundkol. The Lakes are high elevation oligotrophic and create trout angles, fly fishing opportunities.  Best time for trek, June to October High lights of trek Naranag Buddhist temple eighth century AD, Naranag town. Gangabal twin lakes, Naranag to Gangabal Trek Distance: 32 km to and fro.

Gangabal Lake trek

Kahmir Gangabal Lake Trek

Gangabal Lake sacred :Altitude 3,575 Meters (11,729 ft) Length 2 ½ kilometer, Width 1 Kilometer.  Gangabal is the biggest and famous high altitude alpine lake in Kashmir. In the foothills of craggy mount Harmukh.  The lake has a placid beauty uniquely its own. All through the summer the wild flowers bloom in profusion on its shores. And it is home to a variety of trout fishes and aquatic birds. Making it a naturalist’s delight and wonderful for trekking in Kashmir. The Gangabal outlets in Nundkhol Lake.

Kashmir Gangabal Lake Trek

Nundkol Lake: Nundkhol also known as Kalodaka Lake is a twin lake of Gangabal, and smaller than Gangabal. The lake is bounded by flourishing green meadows. Wild flowers during summer and provides large space for camping. The lake provides best opportunity for trout angling. The Nundkhol outlets in Wangat river and joins Sind river at Mamer Kangan.

Kolsar Lake: The Kolsar Lake is situated on the west side of Harmukh glacier on the Summit of Trunkhull. The lake is beautiful and fascinating. It is home of various Nomadic shepherds’ who chew up their flocks in summer season.

Gangabal lake Sightseeing around

Harmukh Valley Trek

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Mount Harmukh: Haramukh is a prime attraction of Gangabal trek with the peak elevation of 5140 meters and large glacier makes it nature delight. Harmukh means all side face. The Harmukh is multi faced mountain. Mount Harmukh is grouped with Karakorum ranges of great Himalayas.

Gangabal lake
Naranag Temple

Naranag Valley: (Altitude 2100 meters) Situated in the foot hills of Budhshire Mountain on the course of Wangat River. In the vicinity of wangath village of Kangan Tehsil the Naranag valley is sited. The valley is not in great breath. The main valley has brick houses surrounded by traditional nomadic hamlets in the upper reaches of the valley. The valley offers best day treks, trout angling and camping to the nearby places. Some of famous places are Marchoi , Domail, Babanagari, along with others.

Naranag Gangabal trek

Naranag Temple ruins: Built by king Lalitadatya in 8th centurery AD on the Naranag spring it is also known as wangath Temple. It is main attraction in Naranag for visitors

Naranag to Gangabal Trek Distance :32 km to and fro Linked destinations  Srinagar,Kangan,  Sonamarg

Naranag to Gangabal  trekking Itinerary

Short trek Duration 4 nights 5 days elevation 3500 to 4000 meters 

Naranag valley

Day 1. Srinagar to Naranag valley (Elevation 2100 meters 77 km Distance 2 hours drive) Start from Tourist reception centre Srinagar via Kangan, Wangath, up to Naranag valley. After getting down from car you will visit Naranag temple and one our hike up to Domail and camping there. After some rest and tea coffee. You can trout fish or take a hike for acclimatization, evening bonfire over night on the bank of wangath river.


Harmukh valley Trundkhol

Day 2. Naranag to Trundkhol or Harmukh valley (Altitude 3300 meters 11 km Distance 6 hours trek) The day begins with early morning breakfast around 7.a.m. and ascend to Budhshire trail. The trail is well marked and wide enough to pass few trekkers at a time. This is difficult ascend to cover 1200 meters in a day. After reaching the Budhshire top from top it is easy route up to Trundkhol. While reaching Trundkhol overnight camping. From here you will get clear view of Harmukh summit and Glacier evening bonfire.

Harmukh peak kashmir
Mount Harmukh

Gangabal Lake

Day 3. Trundkhol to Kolsar Gangabal Lakes (Height 3575 meters 8 km 4 hours walk) the trek starts after breakfast around 8.am. And ascend to Kolsar Lake after kolsar lake the trail turns to Gangabal lake. While reaching the Nundkhol camping here. After some rest and tea coffee, you will visit Gangabal Lake evening trout angling fly fishing.

Harmukh Glacier

Day 4. Nundkhol to Gangabal lake and Harmukh Glacier Day trek (Height 4000 meters 6 hours trek) After taking breakfast around 9.am. The trek begins ascending to Gangabal Lake. From the lake the trail leads to Harmukh glacier. After sightseeing around return back to camp evening trout fishing.

Chattargul Mahlish

Day 5. Gangabal to Chattargul Srinagar ( 8 hours trek 16 km distance)Start early morning around 7 a.m. breakfast, descending to Mahlish. From mahlish a easy walk up to Chattargul and drive back to Srinagar city.

Gangabal trek

Stages: Srinagar to Naranag 77 km, Naranag to Turndkhull 12 KM, Turndkhull to Gangabal Twin Lakes 6 km, Gangabal to Chattargul16 km.


How to reach Naranag valley?

The main routes come from Srinagar via Kangan 77 km distance about two hours drive. There is share taxi from Soura to Kangan from Kangan other share taxi up to Naranag.

How to reach Gangabal Lakes?

There are 4 routes to assess Gangabal lakes, Route 1, is traditional route Naranag, Trudkhol , Gangabal(16 km 2 Day trekking). Path 2, is Chattargul, Mahlish, Gangabal (18 km 2 Days trekking).  Difficult course 3, is Sonamarg , Vishansar, Gadsar , Satsar , Gangabal (57 km 5 Day trekking). Route 4, is Arin Bandipora, Poshpatri, Sarbal, Kundersar, Gangabal,( 40 km 4 Day trekking )

How to Summit Harmukh peak?

The easiest way is from Arin Bandipora Trek to Harmukh base 18 km distance. 2nd option         Naranag , Gangabal lake from lake to summit is difficult route.  

Contact: Riyaz Ahmed Pakhtoon (trekking guide) for booking the trek: Phone Number Whatsapp ( riyaz@trekkashmir.com ) Trip advisor Reviews.

Note : Guest houses home stays are avaible at Naranag ,all the trekking  provision will carry by ponies.

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