Kolahoi Glacier Trek

Kashmir Kolahoi Glacier Trekking

Kolahoi Glacier Trek: Region: District Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir North Indian Himalayas, Mount Kolahoi Elevation 5425 meters. The Mount Kolahoi is Located between three ranges, Sind range, Lidder range, and Amirnath range. The outlet stream of Kolahoi Glacier forms the west Lidder River and Later joins the east Lidder branch at Pahalgam. The Aru valley is well connected by Motor-able road from Pahalgam valley. From Aru valley to Kolahoi glacier is 24 KM distance. The trek starts from Aru valley and takes the traditional route via Lidderwat valley, Satlangen up to base camp.

The glaciated segment of the Kolahoi valley is semi-circular. All through its complete length and the width of the valley changes numerous times. The beginning of the valley is profound; U- shaped and constricted, in this section the glacier is smooth over basalt. 1 km below the snout the valley widens; here it pours over the shale and lime stones of the southern branch of the Basmai Anticline History about Kolahoi Glacier.

Kolahoi Glacier hiking
Lidderwat to Satlangen trail

Basmai  & Surmasar  Lakes

Basmai Lake 3 hours trek from Satlangen valley:  Glacier fed high altitude at the Height of 4000 meters in the Southern ridge of Kolahoi Massif, The rout to Lake Starts from Satlangen valley via Parbats Hamlet and Ascends up to the Basmai Lake.

Surmasar Lake 4 hours trek from Satlangen: Glacier fed other high altitude Lake in South west of Kolahoi glacier. The route starts from Satlangen valley and turns left from Rohil valley. The trail up to Surmasar goes between the mountains and small glaciers with wild flowers along the way.  There is a Small nomadic Hamlet before the lake.

Kashmir Kolahoi Glacier Trekking
Kolahoi Glacier

Pahalgam To Kolahoi Glacier Trekking Details

Trekking to Kolahoi Glacier and Basmai Lake: Discloses the biggest glacier in Kashmir valley and some hidden alpine lakes in Kolahoi massif. The main trekking spot is Aru valley where the trek begins. From Aru valley    there are two ways to reach the peak. The natural route goes via lidderwat valley, Satlangen, The Lidderwat is extension point between Tarsar lake and Kolahoi Summits. And 2nd route goes via Gasran Katernag Lake this is difficult and short route reaching direct to Kolahoi peak. The trek is for 6 nights 7 days.

Pahalgam to Kolahoi glacier trek

Kotpatri valley Aru

Day1: Srinagar to Aru Kotpatri valley 115 km drive: After breakfast start from Srinagar drive to Aru via Pahalgam. After reaching Aru a small hike up to Kotpatri valley overnight camping in Kotpatri Valley.

Lidderwat valley

Day 2: Kotpatri to Lidderwat valley 5 hours trek: The day starts with smooth walking through dense forest of pine up to Lidderwat valley. After camping in Lidderwat sightseeing around evening bonfire.

Lidderwat to Kolahoi
Lidderwat in Snow

Satlangen Valley

Day 3: Lidderwat to Satlangen 3 hours trek: The trek begins the narrow hiking along the Lidder river up to Satlangen valley. After reaching the valley, you can visit the nomadic houses around.

Kolahoi Glacier trek

Day 4: Satlangen to Kolahoi Glacier 8 hours trek: It is day trek up to Kolahoi glacier. The trekking begins after crossing the cold lidder stream and start ascending the right ridge up to Kolahoi Glacier. After exploring the Kolahoi Glacier. Descending up to Satlangen overnight Camping.

Satlangen Croosing

Basmai Lake Trek

Day 5: Satlangen to Basmai Lake 6 hours trek: After Breakfast the day starts with ascending the Rohil Mountain. and takes right ridge up to Basmai Lake. After exploring the lake, descending up to Rohil overnight Camping.

Surmasar Lake Trek

Day 6: Rohil to Surmasar Lake 8 hours trek: The day begins with smooth walking up to Surmasar Base. From the base an easy ascend up to Surmasar Lake, after exploring  twin Lakes and starts return journey to Rohil overnight camping.

Kolahoi glacier and Basmai lake trek map

Aru valley Srinagar

Day 7: Rohil to Aru Valley 9 hours trek: After early morning breakfast. The day starts with smooth and long walk up to Aru valley. After reaching the Aru valley the car will drive back to Srinagar over night house boat or hotel.

Rohil ascending
Ascending to Basmai Lake

Best time : June to October

Stages : Srinagar to Aru valley 115 km drive, Aru valley Lidderwat valley 12 km , Lidderwat to satlangen 7 km , Satlangen to kolahoi glacier 16 km trip, Rohil to Basmay lake trip 12 km, Rohil to surmasar lake trip 14 km , Rohil to Aru valley 19 km.

Note: guest houses, huts restaurants are available at Aru valley and tourism office is available at Pahalgam for information.