Trekking Gear List

Kashmir Trekking information about Do & Don’t and Importance of gears for trekking and hiking in Kashmir valley The trekking gears are very  important during your trek in Himalayan region. below is list of gears. and For Packages. list of items for solo trekkers.
1.Day pack 20 liters
2.Good trekking shoes no sports shoes
3.water bottle
4.sun glass for snow and glaciers
5.rain cote unpredictable rains some time.
7. full jacket with cap
8.inner trouser
9 tracking pants
10. trekking poles
13.thick sock two pairs
14.cold creams and lips cream                                                                                                        15 lunch box and spoon                                                                                                                        16 keep your passport or id card with you during trekking

Fitness for trekking in Himalayas

How to prepare  beginners

The tenderfoots need at any rate  months arrangement to appreciate the trek,regular running up to 3 to 5 km daily, start with gradually and surpass the pace by day by day wise,do a few squats and extends to expand your has parcel to do with your stamina ,home cures have awesome result,take garlic soup each dinner,use ginger tea in breakfast.The high elevation passes  needs essential Fitness as the trekkers need to run over the challenges,trekkers need to adjust before endeavoring the trek.Regarding any medical problems or ordinary examination the well being focuses are in Sonamarg and Naranag If you are looking all the more simple trek then  is ideal  trek for learners in Himalaya.

Kashmir trekking Information about Do and Don’t Do

1:Do acclimatize and train at lower altitudes before you leave for a trek

2:Get professional advise on acute mountain sickness

3:Do carry adequate food,fuel and first aid kit on the trek

4:Do use UV sunglasses at higher altitudes to avoid damage to eyes

5:Do take adequate sunscreen lotions and lips balms on the trek

6:Do not cut tress plans,vegetation or cause damage to the environment

7:Do not damage ,uproot and collect plants along the trek route

8:Do not mark names writing on natural resources

9:Do not throw trash and garbage along the trek 

10:Do Stay on trail and avoid shortcuts to prevent damage to vegetation

11:Do not feed,touch,chase,frighten or approach wildlife encountered

12:Do camp at designated campsite only

13:Do select a site close to water and tree cover

14:Do not camp on low ground to avoid water seepage if it rains

15:Do not camp at places near slopes which are avalanche prone

16:Do not light a fire or cook inside tent

17:Do not make noise by playing loud music on the trek

18:Do not dispose organic waste material close to the camp site

19:Do dispose human waste at least 100 m from any water source

20:Do pack and bring back all trash and garbage for proper disposal

21:Do leave the camp site clean before moving out

22:Do not take photos of locals without permission

23:Do not enter anyone’s house or place of worship without permission

24:Do leave off your shoes outside, if you are permitted to enter inside

25:Do not wear revealing clothes which may cause unnecessary attention

26:Do not change your dress in the open ,Maintain privacy at all times

27:Do not hug,kiss or display sexual acts in public areas

28:Do not act or conduct or exhibit any behavior,which can be normal to you but contrary to local culture and tradition, you are requested to respect the local culture,norms and values.

Save the Environment

Please bring back your trash and dump at the designated place only.


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