Fly fishing in Kashmir India

Trout fishing in Kashmir- North Indian Himalayas

Fly fishing in Kashmir:Kashmir has often been referred to as an angler’s paradise, with the network of rivers and streams as well as high altitude alpine lakes all flourishing in trout – both brown and rainbow. Trout fishing in Kashmir is far, far cheaper than it is in any other part of the world. And most importantly, the department of fisheries which controls angling in the valley works hard to ensure that there is no reduction of stock by random in ideal situation.

Anglers paradise in Kashmir

Kashmir’s fabulous natural beauty needs no introduction here. the state is well – known for anglers paradise the Sind and Lidder rivers . Along with their tributaries and a ancient network of small rivers and streams. The environmental difference along the course of each river is immense, affording endless possibilities for the angler. Nearer the source of each river, the incline is sleeper and the waters faster flowing.  The landscape is generally hilly, with dark brooding pines towering all around the slopes. As the rivers runs its course the rise events out, and the flow of water loses its driving force. You are now in open countryside where the horizon is wide and sweeping, and where trees are willow, poplar, and walnut.

Do not be deceived into thinking that fly fishing in Kashmir is the somewhat dozy sport that it is elsewhere, for the trout is a cunning fish, and you will have to apply all your expertise to get him bite.

Trout Angling in Kashmir Lidder & Sind rivers

The rivers Sind and lidder present some of the most excellent mountain river trout fishing nowhere in the world these days, as they offer the right atmosphere for trout throughout the summer by melting of the high altitude glaciers. Rivers and streams are separated into roughly 150 beats, most of which are inside two hours reach from Srinagar. Read Some historic stories about Angling trout in Kashmir Himalayas.

Kashmir Seven Lakes Himalayan fly fishing

The most adventurous fly fishing in Kashmir is one of the many high altitude lakes (14000 ft and above) that are reached by trekking. One of the most famous trek, is Sonamarg to Gangabal lakes, the trek proceeds through some of the amazing Alpine lakes like Vishansar, Krishansar , Gadsar and Satsar. The trek alone takes eight days of adventurous expedition that is rewarded by the view of charming lakes cot by snow-clad mountains. When the lake surface is frozen in winter, the brown trout keeps close to the bottom of the lake and afterward go up to the surface as the ice melts. The fishing season extends from April to September. However, the fishing season may start late or close earlier depending up on the clause of streams.

The Himalayan Great Lakes Trout Angling Tour

The Himalayan great lakes trout angling is 9 nights 10 days tour,
Day 1. receiving from airport drive to Sonamarg 80 km overnight in camping, on the bank of sind river. fishing on the sind river,Day 2. Sonamarg to Nichinai overnight camping 6 hours trek Day 3: Nichinai to Vishansar Alpine lake overnight camping, and start trout fishing in vishansar lake and stream.Day 4 : Trout fishing in Vishansar and Krishansar Lakes. overnight camping.Day 5: Vishansar to Gadsar 8 hours trek overnight camping.Day 6: Gadsar to Magendub 6 hours trek overnight camping Day 7: Magendub to Gangabal Lakes overnight camping, and Start trout fishing in massive gangabal alpine lake and river.Day 8: full day trout angling. Day 9: Gangabal to Naranag and drive Srinagar overnight House boat Day 10: Drop at Srinagar Kashmir Airport.

Kashmir Trout Angling Beats

District Srinagar Sind Sector: 1. Wayil 2. Wossan 3. Sindh Middle 4. Kangan 5. Cherwan 6. Mammer 7. Sumbal 8. Gund 9. Rezan 10. Wangath Stream.

District Anantnag Lidder Sector:1. Aru 2. Nafran 3. Lidder 4. Phrysian 5. Masjid 6. Langanbal 7. Batkote 8. Bumzoo 9. Sakras 10. Wahdan 11. Pohru 11. Tricker 12. Nambal 13. Kotsu 14. Langnai 15. Sarbal 16. Yenner 17. Panzeth 18. Bringhi 19. Bidhar 20. Daksum 21. Dessu 22. Mather 23. Nowbugh 24. Ahlan 25. Kokernag 26. Verinag 27. Ahrabal.

District Budgam: 1. Dood Ganga 2. Shaliganga Distric Pulwama: 1 Naristan 2. Lam 3. Hirpora Distric Kupwara : 1. Mawar 2. Dringyari 3. Kalarooch.

High Altitude Lakes Fly Fishing : 1. Vishansar lake 2. Krishansar lake 3. Gangabal Lake 4. Nundkhol Lake 5. Sheshnag Lake 6. Sukhnag Lake.

Fishing in rivers and lakes of Kashmir

Kashmir has large network of rivers and lakes, where you can fish around, The river Jehlum is longest river in valley and service best source of fishing in Kashmir beside Jehlum, Dal lake in Srinagar, Masbal lake ,and wulur lake are the best common fishing spots.Fish species in rivers and lakes of Kashmir: 5 types of Snow trout or Schizothoracines,

Note: Trout angling needs a permit which can be obtained online, The best fly for trout angling in Kashmir, Peacock, March brown, Butcher, Ginger Quill, Coachman, Woodcock, Green and Watson’s fancy.

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