Sonamarg Kashmir Trekking specialist in Kashmir Himalayas

Trekking in Sind valley Sonamarg

Sonamarg is in distric ganderbal jammu and kashmir Great himalayan range at the height of 2800 meters , at the distance from srinagar 82 km.

Kashmir Sonamarg can be the base point for some trekking routes.A trek in this locale offers terrific mountain view wonderfully bloomed campgrounds and superb is a perfect expansion for a trek between the lidder and sindh valley and gives first Base camping to sonamarg  alpine lakes trek .

Sonamarg lies underneath of zojali high mountain pass in great Himalayas. sonamarg gives rise of three great Himalayan peaks and glaciers. sirbal peak 5230 meters, Amaranth peak 5180 meters and machoi peak 5450 meters. machoi glacier, thajiwas glacier. Sonamarg has alpine lakes also Vishansar lake,krishansar lake and some virgin lakes too.  Sonamarg have few more treks to consider Durinar lakes trek one of short trek.and other short trek to vishansar lake.

Kashmir Naranag valley

Naranag valley Situated on the left bank of the Wangath river Naranag is additionally known for its beautiful glades. It is additionally base camp for trekkers to the Mount Harmukh, Gangabal Lake and Satsar lake. There are likewise long separation treks to Gadsar lake, Vishansar Lake and the Krishansar Lake.Naranag mesmerizes tourists with its sprawling meadows, dense forests, and a river flowing alongside the spot. Naranag is one of the best places, in fact bases for trekking and adventure tours.

Kashmir Sarbal valley

Sarbal valley is 10 km from sonamarg a beautiful valley offers nice campsite and trekking one of the highest alpine lakes trek to dunrinar lakes trek.

History of Sonamarg


historically sonamarg was gateway of ancient silk road.and was important place for foreign traders. sonamarg has small village  shutkar and has non permanent settlement  and lives seasonally during winter they shift to gagangear. sonamarg remains close in winter about four months due to heavy snow fall and avalanches. sonamarg is easy accessible from Srinagar three hours drive by car and 87 kilometers distance other local transport is also available.the best season for exploring sonamarg is month of April sonamarg looks like Iceland  snow carpet meadows snow tunnels on way to sonamarg

beautiful view of sonamarg medows ,wilf life ,mountains
Sonamarg meadows of gold



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