High altitude Kashmir alpine lakes

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Kashmir alpine lakes/Meadows

High altitude Kashmir alpine lakes are formed 3500m+ As snow begin to melt at the end of the long winter ,The high altitude grazing grounds known as bugyals,

Kashmir Alpine lakes are  countless  high altitude lakes ,these are chain of lakes surrounding the vale of Kashmir, Gangabal lake is a massive lake in  deep Himalayas .Gangabal lake and vishnasar lake are the best for trout fishing . massive glacier and the springs are the source of water.About Kashmir Trekking Geographical Features

Kashmir is a  Himalayan valley with massive mountains and giant glaciers make it best for trekking ,trout fishing,hiking,adventure treks,mountaineering, Kashmir is best choice for adventure lovers. Kashmir with no monsoon rains  makes advantage for summer trekker to explore  Kashmir Himalayas. contact and information of trucking .

Nomads tribes of kashmir himalayas
Kashmir Nomads women OF

and valleys,are carpeted with a multitude of wildflowers,which remain in bloom until  summer.Kashmir the crown of Indian Himalayas has most of it.http://wp.me/p32qCY-3

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