Kashmir Trekking Map & route planner

Kashmir Trekking routes & 5 popular Treks

Kashmir Local guide will show you best trekking routes with special knowledge of the terrain of these routes..Trekking in Kashmir, Himalayan scenes are one of the amazing marvels of the nature. Trekking through it’s picturesque knolls is an unadulterated relaxation.A genuinely awesome trail twists into the pith of a place, so when gathering this rundown of the world’s extraordinary alpine we watched out for more than the pathway. We searched for strolls that movement more profound into an area’s history and culture. Of course, there’s outside enterprise on each of these treks, however the trails likewise recount a rich story. So here they are, the sacred vessels of trails over the Kashmir,

Kashmir popular trekking routes

The range of mountains surrounding the Kashmir valley has given birth to numerous lakes  of varying high altitudes surrounded by an un-spoil mountains cape, with pellucid waters, these alpine lakes which fall on well- known and popular trekking routes are, Sheshnag ,tarsar, marsar ,and tulian in the lidder valley, Gangabal, Vishansar ,krishansar ,gadsar ,and satsar, in the sind valley , konsernag and alpather in other side valleys.

1.Kashmir Great Lakes Trek- Sonamarg To Naranag

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is  most famous trek in Asia ,The trekking is seven nights eight days in length direct to-troublesome level trek open just from July to September. Amid the seven days, the trail takes you through lavish green knolls specked with beautiful wildflowersthe scene nearly looks photo shopped  thick woods, clear lakes, soak tough ascensions crosswise over three mountain passes and testing plummets through rough territory., For more information .

Great lakes tracking route map from Sonamarg to naranag.

Trails route map of great lakes trek
Kashmir high alitude lakes trekking map

2.Kashmir Tarsar Marsar Lakes Trek- Pahalgam to Sonamarg

Kashmir Tarsar  Marsar Lakes Trek  are the twin sister Glacier lakes  of colossal loftiness and excellence. On the off chance that Kashmir is the heaven on earth then Tarsar Marsar is the spring of heaven. It is an almond shape lake overwhelmed by the pinnacles of Kolahoi mountains about 12 Miles toward the East. The lake is isolated by a mountain with the base pinnacle height of 4000 meters from another lake of a similar sort known as Marsar lake, read more . Kahmir Tarsar marsar trekking routes map tarsar Marsar trekking map

Pahalgam to Sonamarg Trekking

3.Kashmir Kolahoi Glacier Trek- Pahalgam to Kolahoi Glacier

Kolahoi glacier is larges glacier in Kashmir valley ,The Aru spring streams down from the Kolahoi glacier past Lidderwat while the Sheshnag from glacier along the colossal Himalayas. At the union of the streams spilling out of the Jehlum. Down beneath the Lidder River runs jade with melt water from the northern Glaciers, the late sun becoming flushed its snowbanks dark red. As another stunning sunset encloses Kolahoi base camp.read more, Route Map.

Kolahoi glacier Pahalgam

4.Kashmir Gangabal Lake Trek-Trekking in Naranag valley

The trek from Naranag to Gangbal, coming full circle at Naranag is extremely well known. There are countless spots which are no less in excellence. Clear water lakes over the mountains reflecting superbly every one of the shades of blue sky over it is just supernatural.read more

High altitude routes

5.Kashmir Vishansar Lake Trek- Short trek in Sonamarg

kashmir vishansar lake trek starts from sonamarg it is one of short trek to see the beautiful twin lakes vishansar and krishansar ,the trek is high altitude goes up  to 4000 meters elevation  read more.These are best trekking routes in kashmir.

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