Kashmir Kolahoi Glacier Trekking

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 Phalgam to Kolahoi Glacier Trekking

Region north Indian Himalayas   jammu and Kashmir  District Anantnag  Height 5423 Meters Best Time June to October Distance 6o km  Starting And Ending Point Aru valley
Duration 6 Days.

Linked destination : Srinagar , Anatnag , Pahalgam ,

Itinerary for kolahoi glacier trek

The trek is for 6 days if you add few more days to explore some untouched high altiude lakes.Contact for queries

Day 1 Srinagar Aru Valley

pic up Srinagar up to Aru valley 115 km drive via Anatnag, Pahalgam over night Aru valley in camps.
 Day 2 Aru valley to lidderwat

Start after breakfast 12 km walk 6 hours reach lidderwat valley over night camps.

Day 3 Lidderwat to kolahoi base campStart after breakfast 4 to 5 hours walk over night kolahoi base Satlangen over night camps.

Day 4 Kolahoi base camp to kolahoi Glacier Start after breakfast to kolahoi glacier 8 hours full day trip over night satlangen

Day 5 Satlangen to Basmay lake 4000 meterS

Start early morning up to basmay lake day trip 8 hours over night satlangen

 Day 6 Satlangen to surmasar twin lakes 3700 meters 
Start early morning up to surmasar twin lakes 8 hours day trip over night satlangen camps.
 Day 7 satlangen to aru valley and Srinagar 
Start after breakfast 7 hours up to Aru valley and drive Srinagar.
  Kolahoi Glacierlidderwat valeyKolahoi glacier trek

 Stages : Srinagar to Aru valley 115 km drive, Aru valley Lidderwat valley 12 km , Lidderwat to satlangen 7 km , Satlangen to kolahoi glacier 16 km trip, Satlangen to Basmay lake trip 12 km, Satlangen to surmasar lake trip 14 km , Satlangen to Aru valley 19 km.

Note: guest houses, huts restaurants are available at Aru valley and tourism office are available at Pahalgam for information.

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