Kashmir Kolahoi Glacier Trekking

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Kashmir Phalgam to Kolahoi Glacier Trekking

Region north Indian Himalayas / jammu and Kashmir  District Anantnag /Height 5423 Meters/Best Time June to October/Distance 6o km / Starting And Ending Point Aru valley
Duration 6 Days.

Linked destination : Srinagar , Anatnag , Pahalgam ,

Itinerary for kolahoi glacier trek

The trek is for 6 days if you add few more days to explore some untouched high altiude lakes.Contact for queries

Day 1 Srinagar Aru Valley

pic up Srinagar up to Aru valley 115 km drive via Anatnag, Pahalgam over night Aru valley in camps.
 Day 2 Aru valley to lidderwat

Start after breakfast 12 km walk 6 hours reach lidderwat valley over night camps.

Day 3 Lidderwat to kolahoi base campStart after breakfast 4 to 5 hours walk over night kolahoi base Satlangen over night camps.

Day 4 Kolahoi base camp to kolahoi Glacier Start after breakfast to kolahoi glacier 8 hours full day trip over night satlangen

Day 5 Satlangen to Basmay lake 4000 meterS

Start early morning up to basmay lake day trip 8 hours over night satlangen

 Day 6 Satlangen to surmasar twin lakes 3700 meters 
Start early morning up to surmasar twin lakes 8 hours day trip over night satlangen camps.
 Day 7 satlangen to aru valley and Srinagar 
Start after breakfast 7 hours up to Aru valley and drive Srinagar.
  Kolahoi Glacierlidderwat valeyKolahoi glacier trek

 Stages : Srinagar to Aru valley 115 km drive, Aru valley Lidderwat valley 12 km , Lidderwat to satlangen 7 km , Satlangen to kolahoi glacier 16 km trip, Satlangen to Basmay lake trip 12 km, Satlangen to surmasar lake trip 14 km , Satlangen to Aru valley 19 km.

Note: guest houses, huts restaurants are available at Aru valley and tourism office are available at Pahalgam for information

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