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After finishing Kashmir Great Lake

The Testimonial is 30 June 1930 of my grand father Juma Pakhtoon.

Juma has cooked for us during the past eight weeks first in houseboat then he went pahalgam with us,he is a very hardworking boy and know how to do things well,we have been well pleased and take pleasure by recommending him.

Blanche m. hong

Juma pakhtoon in white terbun Aru valley 1975
1978 We arrived at Srinagar, coach weary and bum sore, and were greeted by a mob of houseboat touts pressing their services upon us. Luckily we were waving the BIT book around in the air so ended up here by a process of recognition. Here has been peaceful and reasonably priced – having heard rumours of rip offs on the Dal lake its nice to know that we’ve found ourselves with an honest trader in Habiboll. Everyone has been very kind and helpful – organizing us for trekking, advising us as to the honest of the various travelling salesmen who frequent the Jhelum and taking us round shops and even the cinema, all o f which has gone to make our stay in Srinagar very pleasant. Love…
P.S Food has been lovely – and is reasonably priced. P.P.S The trek was for 5 days and was with Habibullah’s Father, Juma, who acted as guide and cook (good solid and plain). Moh’d Asharfa (son) came too and was a good companion. We had 2 ponies and went from here to Pahalgam, Aru, Lidderwat and up to Kolahoi. The cost was RS1300/- and this was fully inclusive. Also we left all our valuables with Habibullah and there was absolutely ‘no problem’.

1988 Kashmir Lakes trek MY brother Asraf with two English man David and Adam
Jan Kelly, England, July 2008 We had a wonderful time on the Lakes Trek with the brothers Riyaz and Safeen Paktoon. My very first impression upon meeting Riyaz was that he is straightforward and professional, not pushy at all, likeable and genuinely passionate about trekking. This proved to be absolutely correct for both him and his family as we came to know them better. The trek was well organised; we felt well looked after; the food was abundant and of excellent quality (Safeen is a good chef as well as a photographer), The two pony men were also delightful people, funny and helpful, and Riyaz showed a great working relationship with them evidently based on mutual respect and experience. The team worked hard setting up the camp etc. but they all clearly love walking in the mountains and we felt a great rapport with them. We were given plenty of space to walk quietly alone with Riyaz way ahead of us and Safeen following behind us Riyaz proved capable to deal with the military when they without warning closed off a section of valley that we needed to pass; he walked about 20miles extra to meet with their commander to obtain permission specially for us; when we saw him later his legs were tired but he was full of excitement at the discovery of what sounded like a hidden civilisation isolated lower down the valley. This is an exciting area to explore. The Lakes Trek is strongly reminiscent of the Austrian Tirolean alps. Abundance of wild flowers. Glacial lakes. High mountain passes taking you near the glaciers. Beautiful scenery. Good camping locations. Highly recommended. I wholeheartedly recommend trekking with Riyaz and Safeen.x

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