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Kashmir alpine lakes trek:Welcome to Jammu & Kashmir the trekking paradise in North Indian Himalayas, and join Budget Trek Kashmir. Long-established Small independent family trekking company specialist for trekking in Kashmir and Alpine adventure tours. We are expert for tailor made itineraries and make your holiday tours adventurous.  

Kashmir offers varieties of outdoor activities and scenic treks for its characteristic seasons. Whether you want travel by foot, or explore the Back-country on horseback, long treks, short treks, day hikes, family trekking, winter trekking, Alpine ski, Landscape photography, sightseeing tours, camping or fly fishing send us your email or choice from our website and we will make a proper plan.

Trek Kashmir Mountain travel will show you greatest feature of Kashmir. We have some of best tailor made itineraries and off the beaten tracks in our programs. We have great deals on offer customize your trekking packages. Alpine lakes trek, hiking tours, adventure sports, Snow trekking, walking tours, wild life photography, and Kashmir tour packages. Beside that join one of our planned group treks share the costs and save the money. Be the part of international team.

If your are looking for shoestring budget trek in India.We are arranging group treks in small batches for budget travelers. solo trekkers, hitchhikers, backpackers ever since it has been very helpful to join the group package and save the cost. For this purpose check the detailed itinerary and best time for Great Lakes trek Kashmir and Tarsar marsar trek .At the same time check the availability of dates. Before making any reservation for air or road to Kashmir.

Gadsar pass a beautiful view of krishansar lake

Budget Trek Kashmir

The present trekking company was started by my elder brother late Ashraf pakhtoon and my grandfather late Juma Pakhtoon in 1975. My grandfather was trekking guide from 1930 with his father late Sabir pakhtoon. We are fourth Generation in trekking business. Our company was very well established from 1980 to 1990, and Bit guide book was recommending our company with best trekking guide in Kashmir.

After the long turmoil in Kashmir from 1990. I took first client in nine years gap in 1999 and started my journey in Kashmir Himalayas read some old reviews.

Snow Camping gulmarg

Hiking in Kashmir valley History

The hiking in Kashmir begins since the time of immoral. The pious often travel to this mountain country to seek the spiritual power. Kashmir was major junction of ancient silk route and has played important role by connecting center Asia.

The Mughal emperor had great impact on Kashmir tourism; they often travel to Srinagar to avoid hot periods of Delhi. And in process they build large scale of architecture in Kashmir. The Mughal gardens in Srinagar Achabal are the examples of their contribution. Beside these gardens they discovered some best tourism places and hunting spots around Kashmir,read about history.

Fly fishing in Kashmir

British’s have played great role for Kashmir trekking in fact they have started trekking in Kashmir. They identified high elevation peaks of Kashmir and discovered many trekking places. They brought Trout breed to Kashmir. To bred them in various high altitude alpine lakes and created opportunities for Angling/ fly fishing in Kashmir, some historic stories about fly fishing in Kashmir.

The Hippie trail made Kashmir very famous in Europe and America it was overland route from Europe passing through various countries up to India. They had guide book known as (Bit guide over land to India) and Kashmir was an important destination.

Trek Kashmir

 Trekking in Kashmir is combination of nature beauty and the native traditions. As the hikers ascend higher mountains both the landscape and the community change. Fruit copse and paddy pastures are changed by alpine grazing lands floored with wildflowers. The willow and the magnificent chinar trees are replaced by fir, pine and oak. The villagers of the countryside are replaced by nomadic families of Gujjars: shepherds who traverse the elevated mountain passes with their herds for seeking of grazing land. Residing in ancient stone huts from centuries, read more Kashmir trekking.

Kashmir Gadsar Lake and Meadows

Kashmir Trekking Guide

Currently we are four brothers working for this trekking company, and we have excellent track record as an alpine trekking guide regarding safety and satisfaction of trekkers during their alpine trekking, adventure tours, hiking and camping in Kashmir Himalayas. We are well experienced about changing weather condition during high altitude treks; this gives extra edge for hikers to explore nature beauty of Kashmir Mountains.

The Trekking tradition is running from almost a century in our family with previous experience shared by our elders about these mountain terrain and how to guide  trekkers in difficult times that helps a lot reviews.

Kashmir Alpine Lakes trek

The traditions of the Kashmir assert, that the whole of Kashmir, intending thereby the principle line of valley, was originally one large lake, and aspect of the province confirms the truth of the legend, the subsidence of the waters being distinctly defined by horizontally lines on the face of the mountains: it is also not all unlikely to have been the scene of some great convulsion of nature’s.

Kashmir presents most number of high altitude alpine lakes in Indian Himalayas. The vale of Kashmir has range of treks in different alpine regions. Trekking in Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yousmarg, and Sonamarg are the diverse bases for alpine lakes trekking routes of Kashmir. Over the years of experience of the Kashmir mountain trails we have collected some of best unexplored trekking routes, Scenic trails and hiking destination. For you to discover and explore. Kashmir alpine lakes trek is world famous, to investigate it map your trekking in Kashmir.

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