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Famous Lakes Of Kashmir Valley

The traditions of the Kashmir assert,that the whole of Kashmir ,intending thereby the

principle line of valley,was originally one large lake,and aspect of the province confirms

the truth of the legend,the subsidence of the waters being distinctly defined by

horizontally lines on the face of the mountains:it is also not all unlikely to have been the

scene of some great convulsion of nature.t Kashmir has a number of lakes most of the

lakes are glacial origin.some of the important lakes of Kashmir. wular lakes: the wular

lake in Kashmir is the largest freshwater lake in India .it is about 16 km long,9.6 km wide

with ill-defined shores. this lake lies between bandipore and sopore at a distance of 75

km. Dallake: Srinagar the city of Dallake is a beautiful lake in Srinagar city. it is 8 km

long and 6.4 km wide.it is the floodlung of jehblum .the famous house boats are crown of

the dallake,and the famous mughal gardens are situated on the banks of the dallake.

the unique floating gardens,are found in this lake,and produces

large quantity of vegetables.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
Vishansar and Krishnasar twin siste


 Anchar lake:The Anchar lake is swampy area.the sind

nollah enters this lake from one side and flows out from the other  side.It is about 8 km

long and 3 km wide.Ganderbal is a famous township on its north west bank .Harwan

lake:The harwan lake is situated at a distance of 21 km from Srinagar.it is 278m long and

18 m deep .This lake is a source of water supply to Srinagar city.

Beside these lake Kashmir has large amount of high altitude lakes gangabal lake ,tarsar lake among others.contact us for information.

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