Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is the golden gates of paradise Region:North India Jammu and Kashmir , District Ganderbal ,Himalaya Range, Duration:Seven Nights eight Days Trekking Elevation:-4300 Meters Approx ,Trekking Distance:-76 km ,Grade:Cross country High altitude  Difficult .Best Time for trekking Season; July To Mid September :Starting point : Sonamarg ,Trek Ends Naranag . Review ,  trekking package.

journey to Kashmir Great lakes is wonderful looks of paradise.the day travel are extremely delightful as the trekkers come a cross the open high valley ,wild blossom gardens,glacier lakes,nomadic shepherds ,snow secured mountains ,ice sheet streams,rugged passes,and part more for profound emotions ,The nights at camp sites are more beautiful the stars are so close you can feel that your are in sky full moon and falling stars make it unforgettable dream of life. Book Kashmir Great Lakes Trek 2019.

Trekking to seven High altitude alpine lakes 

Expedition to seven wonder lakes  are bunch of high altitude alpine lakes ,the prime lakes is Gangabal , Nandkhol lake along with vishansar lake,krishansar lake is the source of neelam river,gadsar lake the highest altitude lake in Kashmir region, yamsar lake the lake of death angle,satsar lake  and Harmukh Peak 5400 meters elevation.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

 Best time and weather for Kashmir Great Lakes trek

Kashmir great lakes trek  has short season about three months.  The beginning of July are mostly snow passes. August is much clear passes and lot of wild flowers, to ending September.  Climate  short rains, hails or low-speed storms are expected during the high pass of the trek.  And den fogs are also expected.

Kashmir satsar lake

Solo trekkers and self trekkers information

The trekking trail is well marked from Sonamarg to Naranag.  There are many nomadic shepherds who can give you directions to  the trail. All you need tent and food to carry,

Gadsar trail

Great lakes itinerary

Kashmir great lakes trek needs 7 nights 8 days to complete the full trek.  If you like the explore some hidden gems as well then you have to extend few days more. As it is large area to explore and has many hidden lakes around.

Day 1 Srinagar to Sonamarg ( 2800 meters)

Drive around 3 hours  from Srinagar focus  via Ganderbal District,Kangan the old silk course finished night on bank of Sind waterway close Shutkar town in camps. Feature of the day, Four hours outing to thajwais icy mass.

sonamarg base camp
Base camp Sonamarg

Day 2 Sonamarg to Nichinni  (3500 meters)(5-6 hours walk)

IT is a start of trekking from Sonamarg to nichinaya from the street connect take after the left hand trail.the course risings steeply along the gujjar trails. After 1000 meters the trail opens out on the knoll at Shokdharan giving all encompassing perspectives back towards the Zojila and Sonamarg. the trail at that point proceeds over the open knoll and along through den forest before a short consistent move over the bolder fields to nichinni.

Yamsar Kashmir trek
1985 Kashmir Great Lakes trek

Day 3 Nichinni to Vishansar lake Ist Great Lake (4000 meters 5-6 hours walk)

The climb to Nichinni bar is very progressive .The pass just beneath 4000 meters is by and large under snow until mid July. However the shepherds typically group their herds up the valley by mid June and clear something of trail.The introductory course from Nichinni crosses the stream and takes after the correct side of the nallah or stream to Vishansar lake.

Day 4  Vishansar   Lake

   Rest day you have couple of choices accessible on this day ,Take a  four hours climb to one of shrouded virgin lake , locate found in region or trout angling it is likewise vital for Acclimatization  as following day you are crossing most astounding pass 4300 meters.

Gadsar meadows

Day 5 Vishansar to Gadsar via Krishensar Second Great Lake (5-6 hours walk)

The trail crosses the open marshland amongst Vishansar and Krishensar lakes.From Krishensar lake there is a precarious and dangerous move to the pass 4300 meters from where are perspectives of nanga parbat ,the drop to the little swing to gadsar is slow and a decent campground other than the gujat settlement. Feature of the Day : Krishansar lake,Gadsar top 4300 meters,Yamsar lake, Gadsar lake.

Day 6 Gadsar Third Great Lake to Megandob via kustoorkut satsaran Great lakes (5 hours walk)

Traverse the lasting snow connect and take after the kustoorkut trail up along the satsaran lakes,a soak move of about I hour before the trail twists through open fields the valley at the head of fields denotes the northern end of megandob.


Day 7 Megandob to Gangbal Great lakes (5-6 hours walk)

From Megandob the trail dives for half kilometer before climbing goat track. The climb takes up to three hours. From the go there are noteworthy perspectives crosswise over to mountain Harmukh 5755 meters and the lakes of Gangbal and nudhkol. The underlying plummet to the lake is very steep and wonderful .

Day 8 Gangabal to Naranag via turndkund  (5-6 Hours walk)

From gangabal is sweet stroll up to the Budshire peak.  From the best plummet to Naranag is extremely steep in a forest. The wangath sanctuary in naranag is worth to see of third centure BC. And drive back Srinagar. For more data of the trek. Feature of Day : Pine woods, Naranag temple,naranag town.

Gangabal lake trekking

Packages  Basic Cost ₹ 12500/ +Transport , Personal bag 10 kg  total 14500 ₹

Transport cost 800 rupees from Srinagar to Sonamarg and back Naranag to Srinagar. Baggage charges up to ten kg  carry by horse for seven days 1200 rupees. Total cost 14500 rupees, If you carry you backpack your self. And arrange transport by your self there will only basic cost. No tax no hidden charges.

Budget trek Kashmir As  a small local company we take  Small Batches for trekking and private groups also.  As a Group prize no additional  charges. The rates include seven nights eight days trekking. from Sonamarg to Naranag, Mountain Guide, Cook, Cooking Helpers, Back up Horse  For any emergency.

Camps, Sleeping  Bags, Sleeping Mats, Blalnkets. Toilet tent. Breakfast, Dry lunch, Dinner ,Tea, Coffee ,Veg and non veg meals.  Chicken Some time Trout fish, Baggage Horses. and your personal ,baggage up to ten kg carry by horse ,

note IT is very difficult to carry your bag pack of 15 kg.  As trek is high altitude even if you are experienced trekker  it  will take you extra 2 hours to  reach campsite .still it is advisably to let the horse carry your bag and a small bag pack  carry your self

Fitness ,Trekking Gears and Trekking information

Trekking Gears , Fitness tips , and Do,and Don”t Trekking Map

Reservation contact .riyaz@trekkashmir.com  Land Line Call 0194 -2311 424 (call +91 9419592631 Watts ape )

Fixed Dates 2018 -Special Offers For K.G.L.Trek

Trekking in July (30 June to 7 July )- (4 July to 11 July )- (7 July to 14 July)- (11 July to 18 July)- (14 July to 21 July)(18 July to 25 July)-(21 July  to 28 July  )-(25 July to 1 August )-(28 July  to 4 August

Trekking in August (1 August to 8 august )-(4 august to 11 august)-(7 august 14 august)-(11 august to 18)       (18 august to 25 august)-(22 august to 29 august)(25 august to 2 September)

Trekking september (1 September to 8 September )-(4 September to 11 September )-(8 September to 15 September) –(11 September 18 September )

Stages : Srinagar to Sonamarg 90 km drive 3 hours. Sonamarg to nichinaya 12 km 6 hours walk, Nichinaya to vishansar lake 14  km 7 hours walk.  Vishansar to gadsar 17 km 8 hours walk, Gadsar to megandob 8 km 4 hours walk.  Megandob to Gangabal lakes 14 km 7 hours walk, Gangabal to Nranag 15 km 7 hours walk.

Note : Guest house hotels are available at sonamarg.  Naranag  all the baggage and trekking gears will be carried by horses during the kashmir great lakes trek.